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A little of history.The present day civilization ( as well as every man, nation, race) goes through several steps in its evolution, which are easy to distinguish according to the type of social system a nation, a race or the civilization generally represents:

1. The stage of Phisical evolution - clannish, tribal, communal, slave - owning social system ( the IQ and EQ are low).
2. The stage of Emotional evolution - clannish, tribal, communal, serf - owning, feudal social system ( the EQ dominates the IQ).
3. The stage of Intellectual evolution - capitalist social system or free market system ( the IQ dominates the EQ ).
4. The stage of Reason evolution - democratic social system ( the IQ and EQ are equal).
Every nation or race is at this or that stage of evolution. In the 20th century the most white people countries have passed on to the stage of Intellectual evolution ( the IQ dominates the EQ) except the countries of Eastern Europe ( Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine are at the Emotional stage yet; in the 20th c. they tried to pass on to the Intellectual stage twice, but they failed). Moreover, some Nothern Europe countries make feeble attempts to pass on to the stage of Intelligence to create democratic social system. We can say with certainty, that the white race as a whole is at the Intellectual stage in its evolution.

And what about the Mongolian and the Negro races? The things are different here. The Mongolian race is at the Emotional stage ( with the exception of Japan), only approaching to the Intellectual stage. As for the Negro race, just in the 20th centure it has passed on the stage of Emotional evolution. Are there any secondary factors which help to determine the stage of evolution of this or that nation or race or civilization as a whole? Yes, it is the birth rate. Thus, the Negro race, s passing on to the stage of Emotional evolution caused a vigorous growth of the birth rate in Africa. There is an increase of population in mongolian people countries as well, except for Japan, that has already passed on the stage of Intellectual evolution.
And what about the white race? It is DYING OUT. There are neither wars, nor man - caused or natural catastrophes, but still there is a decrease in population in North America and in Europe.

Mostly the representatives of the Mongolian and the Negro races and emigrants contribute to the population increase of North America and European countries. Statistic analysis shows, that in 1999 the death - rate + immigrare exceeds the birth - rate in the following white population countries:
Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Netherland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein,Luxemburg,Monaco, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Rumania,Bulgaria,Slovakia, Czechia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russia.That ~ 70 - 80 % representatives white race.
What causes the white race dying out?
1. A high intellectual level leads to a high IQ and increasing of egoism - pragmatisma. A man is a primordeal egoist and, as a rule, has a higher IQ than a woman, but a rise of female IQ causes an egoism increase as well, and that leads to abortions and family break - ups. Children interfere with climbing the ladder, watching TV, shopping, etc.
2. The white race representatives reached a high standard of living, based on the principle of COMFORT, and do not want to live being deprived of this comfort.

3. When people eat, drink or breath, they also consume different chemicals, which make people of Europe and North America change phisically. Living without phisical efforts leads to a considerable loss of a male hormone - testosterone among men, and the acquisition of a female hormone - estrogen instead, and it makes them resort to an unnatural phisical stimulation with different drugs, "Viagra", " androstandione" over and over again, etc. Females also lose the hormone estrogen and acquire the male hormone testosterone, thus becoming more independent and resolute and losing not only hair, but womanhood, emotionality, passion and first of all the ability to give birth. These are the hormonal changes that lead to an increase of people with the opposite sexuality.
The white race is rapidly growing older, increasing its IQ and EQ and losing the survival ability, aggression, and, to be more exact, its phisical strength. In sport the representatives of the Mongolian and the Negro race prevail, the same thing happens in art, science, business. The war in Yugoslavia showed, that Europe have no actual forces to wage war, and the whole of job was done by the USA, whose forces mostly consist of Negro and Mongolian race representatives.

Thus the number of the white race representatives in Europe and N. America is decreasing. And what about the Mongolian and the Negro races? Their number is increasing. By my calculations, based on the data of Burea of Census of USA, in 5 years of late in the USA the number of white race representatives increased by 1,5%, the number of Mongolian race representatives increased by 15 %, the number of Negro race representatives increased by 5 %.
The total number of white race representatives among the population of the USA decreased from 73,6 % in 1995 to 71,8 % in 2000. Until now the people born after World War II, the so called " baby boomers", mostly contribute to the growth of white population. Today these people have passed their reproductive age and in future the process of the white race degeneration will intensify. What are the consequences?

The Mongolian and the Negro races will "press" on the white race more and more, as they are distinguished for a greater aggression, survival ability, dynamism, number, etc. It is a law of nature that every species has to struggle for living, and if it does not - it dies out or assimilates with a younger, more numerous and more agressive one. That is the way the ancient civilization perished - Rome, Egypt, Greece, Babylon. The Mongolian and Negro race representatives will oust your children and grandchildren from business, management, art, science, culture. In 100 - 150 years a white man, a descendant of the Anglo - Saxons, or the Goths, or the Slavs, or the Northmans, will be a rare thing in the USA or Europe. A white man will be a social outcast, as it often happens today to a man of the Mongolian or the Negro race in white - populated countries. Neither neuclear weapons nor NATO will help. Since the clannish and tribal interrelations are widespread among the Mongolian and the Negro races the ignorant but aggressive people will come to make the most of jobs. All that will lead to decline in efficiency of European and North - American economies, to social and race conflicts, to, blood and pain. Then your grandsons and greatgrandsons will be living. The real illustration of the collision of the white and the Mongolian races is the conflict between the Yugoslavian and the Albanian in Kosovo. Future belongs to the Mongolian and the Negro races and it is very important for the white race to realize it and to try not to clash with other races, but to do its best in order to make the process of " power devolution" painless and civilized.

You can ask, whether the white race is able to increase the birth rate in order not to disappear.
To do this it is necessary to increase the survival ability, aggression, phisical strength and to stimulate the hormonal changes in white people. Of course the IQ and the EQ of this or that nation or race will become lower. All the above - mentioned processes occur during wars, man - caused or natural catastrophes. For instance, in the 20 th centure the white race growth in number occured only after the world wars in Europe or the Great Depression in the USA. Does this alternative suit you? I doubt.
But there is another way - the way of a sensible rational evolution of the white race. In this case the white race will be not numerous, but it will be able to keep its prevailing position in the world for a longer period of time. What does the white race benefit by it? A longer period of controlling the world will allow to increase the IQ and the EQ among the Mongolian and the Negro races, it will lessen their phisical strength and aggression; the process of " power devolution" from the white race to the Mongolian and the Negro races and the process of assimilation with other races will proceed more sensible and less violent. What, s required for that?

1. It is necessary to prohibit the importation of the people of the Mongolian and Negro races to the European and the North - American countries. These people have low IQ and EQ and a high aggression. The importation of African slaves hundreds of years ago should have learnt the Europe by its own mistakes? It is necessary to outdate the " political emigrant" or " economical emigrant" labels. Only high IQ and EQ can permit to move to the Europe or North America for domicile.
2. To stimulate the growth not only IQ, but also EQ among Mongolian and Negro race specimen who live in Europe and North America.
3. To stimulate interracial marriages. Children born from such marriages have a high level of mental variance (provided their parents have IQ and EQ high enough ).
4. To stimulate the natality of the white race.
5. To give cultural and financial support to Mongolian and Negro countries, and stop to use their human and natural resources at deferred prices, because your children and grandchildren will have to pay painfully for this. It is common knowledge that one should treat another as he wants to be treated - and your life is going to be serene and happy.

That is the list of items which after being successfullu implemented will let your children and grandchildren live serenely in future.The main idea of all the above - mentioned items is that the white race is olbliged to CONCIOUSLY pave the way for the process of the " power devolution" to the Mongolian race, and this process must proceed in a civilized, non - violent manner.You may ask: " Who is to implement all the above - mentioned points of the Rational way of civilization evolution?" It should be done by you and me; you know, I have written " Information for RESPONSIBLE people" on the title. Each of them can do it step by step.
And the white race is in poor health, but this illness is not conspicuous. The economies of the countries of Europe and North America are prosperous, but this prosperity is ephemeral. The so called egoism - pragmatism illness has affected the white race too much, and it is necessary to inform people about it. The IQ of the white race representatives tends to be more and more " detached" from the process of evolving the EQ, and that is inadmissible. And what can work as a medicine? It is necessary to make the EQ of the white race higher; this process is going on in some countries of the North Europe, but it is uncertain and spiritless. And all these processes need to be discussed, analysed,the view need to be advocated on the site.There will be a page for discussion of different problems concerning the evolution of the civilization.

Yours sincerely.

Copyright 1999-2003 Malyshev Ivan.





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