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You trust in existence of a reincarnation, " new life "?
It is very good. But the person can not take in " new life " with itself the property, financial assets. It is bad, unfair? Yes. Whether it is possible to correct similar injustice? Yes, I have created for you the technology allowing you in " new life " to take advantage of money, financial resources which you now have.

Your money will be always with you. If you want it.

How the technology created by me works? Analogue of " researches of a reincarnation " are researches psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in " a regression of therapy ".


1. You translate a part of the money in stable bank. That person who will know a code of the bank account can receive money only. You can hide money in only you a known place. You can create own bank, for example "Reincarnation-help", for service of your means and means of people wishing to take part in the project.
2. Address to me, I shall give you technology which well will help you to remember the information on a code of your account. It is very important to remember the information which will help you " with new life " to recollect: the country of your residing " in the last life ", city, the address of bank etc.
3. In " new life " you can be born in Kenya, Mongolia, France, Russia, Sweden, Iraq, etc. You can be born in family of poor, poor people. How to you to receive the money?
4. If I project will be maintained by you, I shall create service which will advertise technology offered to you in many countries of the world. It is very important, that all people knew, that there is a technology which can make their rich. In advertising the information concerning will be given also how practically to help the concrete person living in this or that country of the world, to recollect number of his(its) bank account, a site of his(its) money resources.
5. You, or your parents, knowing about existence technology offered to you having addressed in service " Malyshev-help " will receive the help from experts of service. The technology which independently will allow you to recollect the " the last life " will be offered to you. In the event that you can not take advantage of technology (it difficultly enough for the unprepared person), experts of service will offer you the qualified experts who under the control of your parents, relatives, lawyers etc. will help you will recollect yours " the last life " . the help to consist that to you will help to recollect the country, city, bank, number of the bank account in which you in the " the last life " have placed financial assets.

Take advantage of my technology, and make the " new life " happy. You of it are worthy.

1.Technology of storing of the important information.

2.The technology allowing the person to recollect the " the last life ".

3.Experts in the field of researches of a reincarnation.

4.Addresses of the centres of researchesof a reincarnation.

My address for consultations, business offers:

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Nizhny Novgorod.

Phone (8244) 5-22-49 (russian)



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